Yankee Doodle Georgie
(Tune: "Yankee Doodle Dandy")

Georgie Porgie is the prez
’Tho he was not elected.
Said he’d finish Daddy’s war
And thought he’d be respected.

    Georgie Porgie, you’re all wrong, (thumbs down)
    Bombs are not the answer!
    You can take your stupid war
    And stick it in your pants, sir! (at "pants, sir!", hands on hips)

Georgie Porgie’s cutting taxes
For the country’s richest.
The poor will pay to fight his war
While George saves his own britches.


Georgie Porgie’s sending troops
To fight and to be killed, and
When it’s over and they’re dead
The poor will pay the bill.


Georgie Porgie said he’d wait
For the UN inspectors
If he doesn’t, he’ll be faced
With a million demonstrators!


By Granny Vicki of Rochester, NY Raging Grannies

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