A woman artist/activist's creative responses to disability, world events and life. Follow her daily online photo-journal; decorate canes and walkers; connect art to activism; experience the healing power of poems and stories.

*In addition to this web site I now have TWO blogs--a daily Photographic Peace Quotes Calendar (started 1/1/06) with my original photographic, artistic & written reflections on peace, and my Windchime Walker blog that's been going since 12/23/03. Come visit me!

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All words and graphics on this site are original. You are welcome to use them in the spirit with which they were created, but never for commercial use. Please give proper attribution and, if appropriate, provide a link to this site. A large community of women and men continue to add to the photographs seen here, especially in my journal. My gratitude to all who offer support, ideas, instruction and forbearance during the daily maintenance of this space. And special thanks to those persons willing to have their names and faces appear in my journal.


As the national and international fear of dissent grows stronger, so too do voices like mine who dare to present alternative ways of looking at things and responding to the challenges of the times. May my sisters and brothers around the world find this web site to be a home for non-violent dissent. Of particular interest to you will be my daily Journal, Reflections on Tragedy & War: Year One & Year Two, My Brother Rabih Haddad, Word Art, Activism 101, Attitudinal Activism, and Raging Grannies Without Borders.  In the words of  Dorothy Day: "As you come to know the seriousness of our situation--the war, the racism, the poverty in the world--you come to realize it is not going to be changed just by words or demonstrations.  It's a question of risking your life.  It's a question of living your life in drastically different ways."

©1999-2006 Patricia Lay-Dorsey. Please use with attribution
--drawing of Patricia on scooter by ©2001 Maggie Szczepanska, Windsor, ON
--dancing at National Women's Music Festival, July 24, 2004
--in solitary protest at White House, September 5, 2002

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"Another Woman For Peace" by Jack, Amy & Jennifer in Columbus, Ohio