O Immigrants, O Immigrants
(tune: Three Blind Mice)

O immigrants, O immigrants
Watch what you say
Watch what you do
John Ascroft an-nd the INS
Will put you away with all the rest
They won't tell your names or give you bail
It's so unjust
so unjust

O immigrants, O immigrants
Come register
That's what they say
But if you do they will hose you down
And crowd you in cells where you can't be found
It's all done in secret so never mind
Your civl rights
Civil rights

O immigrants, O immigrants
You're not alone
This is your home
The Grannies are here to sing and shout
Ashcroft will see we know what he's about
The bullies can't bully you in our sight
We won't give in
Won't give in

Granny Patricia of Raging Grannies Without Borders

The Bush Barrel Polka
(Tune: "Beer Barrel Polka")

In defense of freedom
We’ll throw our freedoms away.
Wave high Old Glory,
Free speech is simply passé
Our Constitution
Needs some revision today,
We don’t need all of that protection,
The Bill of Rights gets in the way!

Da, da, da…as Grannies polka

            When you hear that knock upon your door
            It’s the CIA or FBI.
            You won’t know what they have in store
            Or know the charge or reason why....

Down with due process!
Why would you ever need that?
You’re safe and comfy.
Liberty’s simply old hat.
Take away our freedom.
Arrest us and put us in jail,
Now’s the time to call out the army—
Cuz Bush league justice will prevail!

Are You Sleeping? (Civil Rights)
(tune: Frere Jacques)

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping,
Uncle Sam? Uncle Sam?
Civil rights eroding
Feelings of foreboding
Stop Ashcroft, stop Ashcroft!

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